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Star Wars in concert with a Tusken Raider

I found myself engulfed in the great Sea of Nerd a couple weekends ago when I went to see Star Wars in concert. I was but a piece of flotsam tossed along catching glimpses of authentic movie props such as Han frozen in carbonite, C-3PO (who come to think of it, I have never seen at a convention) and Royal Imperial Guards.

Is it a coincidence that just a month earlier I did this Tusken Raider commission?

Yes. A complete coincidence.


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uStream sketch cards

Here are the 3 cards I did live on uStream last Wednesday. I’ll be doing it again this Wednesday at 8pm Eastern Time.


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uStream and sketch cards

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to chat while I worked on sketch cards last night. I had fun, and think that I’m going to make it a regular Wednesday night thing. Every Wednesday ad 8pm Eastern Time.

I only had 4 gray markers and one light blue one. Fortunately there was a request for Aalya Secura…the blue Jedi. Here are the what the cards look like finished.


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sketch card – Tusken Raider (Star Wars)

I must have been easily pleased as a kid.

I always seemed to get the random, obscure action figures …especially from Star Wars.  My request for Darth Vader and an AT-AT resulted in General Madine, Chief Chirpa, and two Bespin Security guards.  I was fully prepared to re-enact a scene from the craft services table at any moment.

AT-AT Commander: “Hey, Madine, how’d shooting go?”

*swallows cookie*

Madine: “Pretty good.  I think I’ve got a chance with that Mon Monthma chick.”

Cloud Car Pilot:  “These Hamdingers are fantastic!”

Maybe this can account for my obsession with Nein Nunb references.


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