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Storm & Dark Phoenix PSC

These are from my Artcast last night on uStream.

On March 3rd at 9pm I’ll be doing a show on the Artcast Network screening room.


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Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards

My Iron Man 2 cards were approved. I can’t remember when this set comes out. Pretty soon I would think.

One of the things I learned on this set is that the old, bulky costume was more fun to do. It was easy to reflect the background into the armor giving it a little more life.

Click for a larger view.

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Black Cat artist proof card

I can finally post one of my Spider-man artist proofs. I’ll be putting this one up for sale pretty soon

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more Zombies vs Cheerleaders

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Zombie vs Cheerleaders

Here is the first batch of cards for 5finity’s Zombie vs Cheerleaders set. I don’t relish the idea of girls being eaten by zombies. So in my world, cheerleaders always win.

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…that everyone loves Captain America.

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Rockin’ the sketching

Sometimes I work in silence. I get a lot of good thinking done working with no movies or music. A lot of people I know say that silence drives them crazy, but I don’t think we were made for constant noise.

Even so, for everything there is a time, and sometimes it’s time to focus and plow through a project. It’s these times I get lost in my iPod and let the brush glide across the page.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of rock. Which possibly explains this sketch with the hastily applied photoshop colors.

Rock on.


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