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Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday” Commission – part 1

I’m a big G.K. Chesterton fan. So I was happy to be able to do a commission last year from The Man Who Was Thursday. Here are the inks to the first set of characters (Syme, The Secretary, and Gogol.) I’m working on the companion piece to it this week (after taking way too long to get to it.)

The final version of this was color with a brown colored pencil. If I can find the disc that has that file on it, maybe I’ll upload that one too.



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The gunfighters

Remember those Time Life books about the old west?  They were over-sized leathery brown-looking things that sported unimaginative titles like “The Mexican War”,  “Women of the Frontier,” and “The Alaskans.”   I had to do a Google search to refresh my memory as to those titles, because the only one I can remember is “The Gunfighters.”

Man, did I love gunfighters.

I’m not sure why, other than it was history (which I always thought was cool) and it was history featuring guns (which I also thought was cool.)  History, guns, horses and the outdoors?  Yes, please. Count me in.

The other day I drew a cowboy.  If you use your imagination and fill in the lines I didn’t draw, he can be a gunfighter too.


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