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Powergirl in color

Thursday night I inked and colored the Powergirl piece I drew a month ago. You can watch the coloring process here. Again, Prismacolor and Copic markers, though this one is primarily Copic.



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Virginia Comicon pinup – final

I finally finished the colors to this pinup, and as promised I’ve included the original picture it’s a parody of. (Well, maybe an homage more than a parody.) The show is the weekend before Thanksgiving. If you’re in the Richmond area be sure to check it out.

I would also like to say that finding and inserting all those comic covers was tedious. But at least I was able to find the Sea Monkey ad and the cover to the Kool-aid man comic. Ahh…the 80s.



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Mary Marvel convention sketch

I’m busy with work today, but here’s a convention sketch from this weekend.


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Va Comic con inks

The inks are finished on the Virginia Comic Con piece. Rick Ketcham inked my Hulk and Betty, Steve Bird Batman and Spiderman, and John Wycough did Randy’s Wonder Woman.


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Virginia Comicon poster – pencils

Me and the guys at Tsunami Studios are doing our annual trip up to Richmond to the Virginia Comicon the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year we’re doing a promotional poster for the show. Robert Atkins laid out it out then finished Spider-man. Randy Green did Wonder Woman, Kelly Yates did Batman. I did the Hulk and Betty. It’ll be inked and colored this week.

Can you name the inspiration for the design?


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Marker sketch of Mary Marvel

I’m on a deadline this week, but here’s a marker sketch  card of Mary Marvel.  SHAZAM!


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Batman sketch

When I was a kid, before I started Kindergarten, re-runs of the 1960’s Batman TV series came on every afternoon around 2:30.  The cartoon intro always threw me off.  Every time I hoped it would be an animated episode.  Eventually, my three year old brain caught on – Adam West is in every episode.

I haven’t read any Batman stuff in a long time.  At some point it just got too dark for my taste, but I still like the character.    This morning before starting on pages, I warmed up with a Batman head sketch.

He looks like he’s had a rough night.


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