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a busy weekend and a sketch of a girl

This was a busy weekend. In fact, I’m not completely sure what day it is. I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday, though someone at Starbucks this morning told me it was Wednesday. I was so befuddled I accepted it.

Some friends were married this weekend, and other friends that I haven’t seen in a long time were in from out of town. So there was much joy and merriment. But now it’s back to a routine and catching up and throwing down the ink. I’ve got three card sets and a graphic novel to finish over the next three months. So, here’s a warm up sketch for your TUESDAY via my ball point pen.



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uStream channel

To experiment with making the blog here a little interactive, I’ve started up a uStream channel for doing live sketching. To begin with I did a sketch for the first day of Fall. You can see the video of this drawing here


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The gunfighters

Remember those Time Life books about the old west?  They were over-sized leathery brown-looking things that sported unimaginative titles like “The Mexican War”,  “Women of the Frontier,” and “The Alaskans.”   I had to do a Google search to refresh my memory as to those titles, because the only one I can remember is “The Gunfighters.”

Man, did I love gunfighters.

I’m not sure why, other than it was history (which I always thought was cool) and it was history featuring guns (which I also thought was cool.)  History, guns, horses and the outdoors?  Yes, please. Count me in.

The other day I drew a cowboy.  If you use your imagination and fill in the lines I didn’t draw, he can be a gunfighter too.


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