Trading Card sets
Marvel Masterpieces sets 1-3 (Upper Deck)
Iron Man 2 (Upper Deck)
Moonstone Maximum (5Finity)
Archie (5Finity)
Greatest American Hero (5Finity)
Zombies vs Cheerleaders (5Finity)
Voltron (5Finity)
Spider-man Archives (Rittenhouse)
Marvel 70th Anniversary (Rittenhouse)

Doctor Who Forgotten #6 (IDW) Inks
Dresden Files Stormfront #6 (Dabel Bros/Dynamite) Inks
Legion of Superheroes (DC) Inks
Tom Sawyer (Campfire Kids) Pencils/Inks
Eyeborgs (Crimson Wolf) Pencils/Inks/Colors
Fist of Justice (Digital Webbing) Colors
GravyBoy (Jack Rabbit Stewdios)
Vex (OGN)

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