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New site

I’m now blogging at

If you subscribe to this blog you’ll need to use the new RSS feed found over there.


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New Subscriber Feed

If you subscribe to this blog you’ll need to update your feed.

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the blog is moving soon

I’m in the process of actually utilizing the server space I’ve been paying for since 2003.

If you access this site using then you’ll be forwarded along to the right address when I finally make the switch.

If you’re using the address then you’ll still come here (obviously). I’ll make a post letting you know when I finally switch over.

The biggest thing is the RSS feed address will change.

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Storm & Dark Phoenix PSC

These are from my Artcast last night on uStream.

On March 3rd at 9pm I’ll be doing a show on the Artcast Network screening room.

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Ebay Sales – Warm up sketches

There’s a pile of my warm-up sketches for sale on Ebay. The user name is dghartsales. These are quick pencil warm-ups. Every week new sketches go up. They’re inkable in case you want to have someone ink them.

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Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards

My Iron Man 2 cards were approved. I can’t remember when this set comes out. Pretty soon I would think.

One of the things I learned on this set is that the old, bulky costume was more fun to do. It was easy to reflect the background into the armor giving it a little more life.

Click for a larger view.

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Live Artcast on uStream Wednesday

I will resume my artcast on uStream Wednesday Feb 17th at 7:30pm Eastern. I’ll be working through my commission list.

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