VA Comicon Badges – YO JOE!

I had a great weekend in Richmond at the VA Comicon. Brett and Liz put on a fantastic show which has become one of my favorite of the year. This was the first time they tried a two day show and it was definitely a success. I did a few commissions, got to have dinner with Larry Hama and Michael Golden and listen to their stories of working in comics back in the 70s and 80s, ate some great food in ridiculous quantities, and laughed…a lot.

I also pulled something in my neck while bowling but I’m telling everyone I got hurt fighting homeless ninjas while rescuing dolphins from Japanese fisheries.

I contributed a little to the badges that we did for the show. Pencils were done by Robert Atkins, Inks by Rick Ketcham, and colors by me.

Click for a larger view


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