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Powergirl in color

Thursday night I inked and colored the Powergirl piece I drew a month ago. You can watch the coloring process here. Again, Prismacolor and Copic markers, though this one is primarily Copic.



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Spider-man Archives released this week

Rittenhouse released their Spider-man archives set this week, which means I can finally post some of the cards I worked on. I did 150 cards for this set. These are the ones I think turned out best. (I used Prismacolor and Copic markers, Staedler and Pitt pens, and acrylic white on all of them.)

click for larger view

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Virginia Comicon pinup – final

I finally finished the colors to this pinup, and as promised I’ve included the original picture it’s a parody of. (Well, maybe an homage more than a parody.) The show is the weekend before Thanksgiving. If you’re in the Richmond area be sure to check it out.

I would also like to say that finding and inserting all those comic covers was tedious. But at least I was able to find the Sea Monkey ad and the cover to the Kool-aid man comic. Ahh…the 80s.



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Quick Iron Man sketch

Quick Iron Man sketch. On to drawing pages.


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soundwave sketch card

Wednesday I drew my first Transformers Sketch card (It’s the only card I did that night, you can watch the creation of it from beginning to end via the link.) I think I’ll do some companion pieces of the cassettes. Maybe that’ll be one of next week’s show. I’ll also be inking and coloring a Powergirl commission.


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art blog you should read – Eric Canete

I’m really running out of steam this afternoon. I can only muster up one art link for your friday, but it’s a good one:

Eric Canete – I first saw his work in an Iron Man TPB. Someone then directed me to his blog. He does a lot of nice inked drawings.

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Ask a magical creature – Fairy


Dear fairy,

What’s it like being a magical creature? I bet you’re life is full of whimsy and adventure. I’m so jealous!

Wishful Thinking

Dear Wishful,

Oh yeah, being magical is a bundle of laughs. Hey, let me ask you a question. What it’s like going through life with a head that’s proportionate to the size of your body? If I didn’t have to use 98% of my time just keeping my head balanced on the top of my ridiculously thin neck, I might have time to ask stupid questions on the internet too.

The next time you lose a tooth call someone else. I’m too busy with my world of whimsy. Jerk.



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