Virginia Comicon poster – pencils

Me and the guys at Tsunami Studios are doing our annual trip up to Richmond to the Virginia Comicon the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year we’re doing a promotional poster for the show. Robert Atkins laid out it out then finished Spider-man. Randy Green did Wonder Woman, Kelly Yates did Batman. I did the Hulk and Betty. It’ll be inked and colored this week.

Can you name the inspiration for the design?




  1. inknform said

    uh…Archie comics?

    • Brian said

      Nope. Not Archie. 🙂

  2. Jim said

    Manet’s “Dejeuner sur l’herbe”?

    • Brian said

      No, way more contemporary than that. Though, a strait parody of that with superheroes would be…interesting to say the least.

      • Jim said

        Okay, but I still think Spidey’s pose duplicates that of the nude woman in Manet’s painting, whether intentionally or not. I admit, though, that that’s the only point of resemblance I can adduce.

        Have you heard the one about the thief who stole some paintings from a museum, only to be apprehended when his vehicle ran out of fuel? He explained: “I did not have enough Monet to buy Degas to make my van Gogh.”

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