The gunfighters

Remember those Time Life books about the old west?  They were over-sized leathery brown-looking things that sported unimaginative titles like “The Mexican War”,  “Women of the Frontier,” and “The Alaskans.”   I had to do a Google search to refresh my memory as to those titles, because the only one I can remember is “The Gunfighters.”

Man, did I love gunfighters.

I’m not sure why, other than it was history (which I always thought was cool) and it was history featuring guns (which I also thought was cool.)  History, guns, horses and the outdoors?  Yes, please. Count me in.

The other day I drew a cowboy.  If you use your imagination and fill in the lines I didn’t draw, he can be a gunfighter too.




  1. inknform said

    nice work. Yeah…I pretty grew up watching the old spaghetti westerns (my parents named me after Clint Eastwood, lol…well…first name anyway) so I always loved the fantastical side of “the gunslinger”. Kinda like the gun was an extension of his arm or something. Look forward to seeing more gunfighter sketches 🙂

    • Brian said

      I want to play around more with old west themes. I need to revisit that phase of my childhood in my sketching. Thanks for stopping by the site!

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