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I have a tight deadline this week, hence the lack of new art here.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can post some of the cards I’ve been working on for this Spider-man set.  In the meantime I’ll try to get some more art up in the next day or so.


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Marker sketch of Mary Marvel

I’m on a deadline this week, but here’s a marker sketch  card of Mary Marvel.  SHAZAM!


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Graytone Marker sketch of Phoenix

Good morning, all.

Here’s a Phoenix sketch card to help start your Monday.


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right field

Two facts from my childhood:

1) In church Christmas plays I’m always a shepherd.

2) In softball I’m always right field.

Both boil down to standing around waiting for everyone else to finish what they’re doing.


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Preview page

I’m plowing through my next graphic novel (co-written with Danny Paris).  After all my work for hire stuff during the day, I go home at night, eat dinner, kiss my wife, and then start drawing again.  I’m trying to tell this story as clearly and economically as possible, hence the cartoony look.   If I were doing lots of detail I’d never finish it.

Anyway, for some reason I like this page, even though it looks like nothing is really going on.


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Batman sketch

When I was a kid, before I started Kindergarten, re-runs of the 1960’s Batman TV series came on every afternoon around 2:30.  The cartoon intro always threw me off.  Every time I hoped it would be an animated episode.  Eventually, my three year old brain caught on – Adam West is in every episode.

I haven’t read any Batman stuff in a long time.  At some point it just got too dark for my taste, but I still like the character.    This morning before starting on pages, I warmed up with a Batman head sketch.

He looks like he’s had a rough night.


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G.I. Joe sketch – Scarlett

How can you have a Baroness without a Scarlett?

I’m not 100% satisfied with this.  I think when it is all said and done I could have made her pose a little more fluid. The one thing I am happy with on both this and The Baroness is the distressed look of the background symbols.  It was my first attempt trying to pull that off with markers and I think it worked. At least I learned something even though I’m not completely happy with it.

click for larger view


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