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Buffy card

I’m working through a set of sketch cards for Rittenhouse’s Spider-man Archives.

Speaking of cards, here’s a Buffy sketch card I did as a commission last month.  This was done with copics and prismacolor markers.



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Back from Comic-con

I’m back from Comic Con.  I slept almost 12 hours last night after a day spent flying over the US through air that’s just a bit more turbulent than I care for.   There’s a ton of reviews of the show popping up all over the internet, so I won’t bore you with one here.  I will say that attending the show is a much different experience when you don’t have a table.  I was exhausted every day before the show ended.

I did make some great contacts and enjoyed hanging out with the guys I see at every show.  I even did a couple sketches which I’ll post when I get them off of my camera.

In the meantime, here’s a page of inks I did for an issue of Doctor Who over Kelly Yates’ pencils.

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A few months ago I was made the subject of a short documentary focusing mainly on my creator owned books, GravyBoy and Vex.  (GravyBoy I co-created with Marty Blevins and Vex with Danny Paris.)   I heard that this was chosen to be played at a screening of short films by students at UNC-Greensboro.  I didn’t go see it, but I heard it was oddly juxtaposed along side various films featuring prodigious amounts of drugs and copious droppings of F-bombs.  Because really, that’s what makes good film.

The video was made by Jason Windsor with camerawork and cinematography by Joe Hampton.

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Doodling at Dinner


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Sketching on Sunday


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sketch card – Black Cat

Lately I’ve been busy working through a couple of jobs, but did manage to do a couple commissions I owe people.


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