The final problem – Holmes background solved

Action is the best cure for fear.  You know what needs to be said but are afraid of the consequences.  All you need is that first word.  All you need is to open your mouth and you’re in the game.  The same is true in art.  Can I pull this off?  Will I mess this up?  Will the paper curl too much when I put watercolor on this background?

When the brush hits the paper you’ve committed.  The paper begins to curl and you compensate. The paint gets too thick and you thin it.  You stop wrestling with the medium and you start guiding it, cooperating with it, collaborating.

Then you answer the questions.  Yes I pulled it off.  No I didn’t mess it up.  Yes, the paper curled, but it’s not something a heavy book and 12 hours can’t fix.

Is the work a masterpiece?  No.

Does it work?




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