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Army of Darkness commission


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wondergirl commission

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Wondergirl commission

Marker on Bristol Board.  This one is a couple years old now, I think.

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Another Head Study

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Back from FX with sketches.

I’m back from the FX Show in Orlando.  I ate way too much fast food, some good pizza, saw a lot of people, and drank way too much caffiene while making the 10 hour trip home.  I stumbled through the door at 4:10 am, passed out, and woke up 4 hours later only to fall asleep while watching a movie in the den later that afternoon.

But enough about that, here’s some doodles from the weekend.

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FX Show

I will be at the FX Show in Orlando until Sun, April 20.  I’ll have more stuff up when I get back.

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gestural drawings

Gestural drawings are a lot of fun to work at.  Trying to get the essence of a pose or a movement without worrying about too much detail.  Stripping a scene down to what makes it tick.


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