Old School Bumblebee…

When I was in elementary school I drew Transformers constantly. I remember drawing Bumblebee a lot, for whatever reason.

In 3rd grade we had a talent show. Since I drew a lot the teacher had the bright idea to have me draw a bunch of stuff and stand on stage showing it. I remember Bumblebee and Voltron….the rest was probably other giant robots. It’s what I did.

Needless to say it was probably the most awkward moment of third grade.



  1. Roger said

    Old school Bumblebee is cool.

    • Brian said

      Much cooler than the new one.

  2. Kari said

    It’s nice that your teacher tried to let you show off your talent.

    It would have been more awkward if she had made you draw while on stage. hehehehehe.

    • Brian said

      I did get to get out of class to draw. For some reason she made me draw in the hall. Which…seems weird to me now.

  3. mcpvc said

    Nice. It’s good when teachers show some support for your talents.

    • Brian said

      Looking back she was one of my favorites.

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